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Notice for Publication of Alumni Membership List

AIU Alumni Association ISH

Notice for Publication of Alumni Membership List


While aiming to strengthen the network of each member as well as contribute to the prosperity of AIU, we have decided to publish a membership list according to the Articles of Incorporation.

May we please ask for your understanding and support in the Alumni activities.

For more details, please refer to our letter which will be sent to you by mail shortly.



Date of Issuance: August 2019

Pages Include: Approximately 2,100 graduates and expected graduates of the years 2008 to 2019, pictures, names index etc.

Items of Publication: Name(maiden name), postal code, present address(phone number), workplace


  1. Please support the publication of the list with donations.

Payments of donations: Donations for Publication of List 2000yen per unit.

Please send your donations with the money transfer form, which will be sent shortly, to the nearest post office or Japan Post Bank ATM.

Donations for one unit is 2000 yen, however, multiple unit donations are kindly accepted.

We will give a copy of the published list as a gift for any contributions made.


  1. Please check the items of publication.

All information, i.e. personal date, known by the secretariat is noted under the column “Items of Publication” on the money transfer form. If there are changes to be made, please double-cross the item, rewrite the correct information in the same space and notify us via the enclosed return envelope, fax or homepage(URL below, Japanese only).

If there is an item you don’t want published, fill in “Do not Publish” in the space of the item.

Please note that no reply shall be considered as agreed to all the information being published.


If you don’t receive the letter, please check the URL below.

http://www.mmjp.or.jp/dousokai/aiu/ (Japanese Only)